Tips from a Wannabe Artist

"Artistic success is not measured in fleeting applause but in the enduring applause of history, where the echoes of brilliance are heard long after the curtain falls." - Pao

"While it's impossible to emerge victorious in every art open call, one should embrace the opportunity to give it a try. Success may not be guaranteed, but the act of participating and putting forth one's creative endeavors can be a rewarding experience in itself, fostering growth, resilience, and the chance to connect with the art community. So, don't shy away from taking a shot at art open calls, as they can provide valuable learning experiences and the possibility of recognition." - Pao

"Embrace experimentation and exploration in your artistic journey, for it is through stepping outside your comfort zone that you will discover your unique style and voice." - Pao

"In the digital atelier of existence, a true artist harnesses the power of technology to sculpt ideas, forging a unique narrative in the ever-evolving story of their digital journey." - Pao

"Remember that art is a continuous learning process, so don't be discouraged by setbacks or comparisons to others; instead, focus on honing your skills, staying true to your vision, and enjoying the transformative power of creating." - Pao

"To be a successful artist without relying on galleries, focus on building a strong online presence through social media platforms, showcasing your work, engaging with your audience, and leveraging e-commerce platforms to sell your art directly. Additionally, explore alternative exhibition spaces such as local cafes, pop-up galleries, art fairs, and community events to reach a wider audience and establish connections within the art community." - Pao

"To handle the ups and downs of being an artist, prioritize self-care, seek support from fellow artists, and stay open to learning and inspiration. These practices foster resilience and help navigate the unpredictable nature of the artistic journey." - Pao

"Artistic triumph is not a sprint but a marathon; it's the endurance of creativity that paints a lasting legacy on the canvas of cultural history." - Pao

"To maintain longevity as an artist, remember to prioritize a strong work ethic, continuously refine your skills, and embrace ongoing learning and personal growth. Additionally, building a supportive network of fellow artists and staying open to new opportunities will contribute to long-term success and fulfillment on your artistic path." - Pao

"As artists, we must never give up, because even in the face of challenges and setbacks, there are valuable opportunities for growth and self-discovery. By staying persistent and holding onto our artistic vision, we can experience breakthroughs and fulfill our creative potential." - Pao


Hi, I'm Pao aka IJWBAA. I'm a digital artist, painter, and a book author from the Philippines. If you enjoyed reading this you might like to read also:





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