Life of a Wannabe Artist

"Life as a digital artist is a perpetual quest for the perfect blend of innovation and expression, a journey where each stroke of the stylus adds another layer to the canvas of self-discovery." - Pao

"When I started, art was a solitary journey filled with dreams. Now it's noisy. Many artists, like me, crave peaceful spaces for our creativity to flourish. Let's hope we find them." - Pao

"In my art, I paint vivid and colorful figures that captivate the eye, yet beneath the surface lies a profound truth. My thoughts and feelings reveal a life colored by sorrow, marred by relentless struggles, and etched with the enduring ache of pain." - Pao

"The life of a wannabe artist is a delicate dance between passion and uncertainty, where every stroke of the brush and every word on the canvas becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of their identity, creating a masterpiece in progress that reflects their relentless pursuit of artistic fulfillment. It is a path of dedication, resilience, and self-discovery, where dreams are both nurtured and tested, and the artist's journey becomes a tapestry woven with equal parts triumphs and setbacks, all leading towards the realization of their creative potential." - Pao

"In the digital age, artists have increasingly found ways to showcase their work directly to a global audience without the traditional reliance on physical galleries, utilizing online platforms, social media, and other innovative methods to reach and engage with their audience directly. By leveraging technology and embracing alternative avenues of presentation and distribution, artists are empowered to create their own opportunities and connect with art enthusiasts worldwide, bypassing the limitations and gatekeeping often associated with traditional gallery systems." - Pao

"Life as a digital artist is a constant dance between the real and the imagined, where every click is a step towards creating a visual symphony that resonates in the digital cosmos." - Pao

"The lives of writers and artists are remarkably similar, filled with endless creative exploration and a profound need for self-expression. They both embrace moments of solitude, navigating a world of inspiration, uncertainty, and ultimately finding deep fulfillment through the creation and sharing of their art." - Pao

"Being an artist is like riding a rollercoaster, with its fair share of ups and downs. It's a journey that encompasses both triumphs and challenges, evoking a wide range of emotions along the way." - Pao

"Artists embody dedication by committing themselves to their craft, pouring countless hours into honing their skills and mastering their artistic vision. They showcase resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to evolve, embracing change, pushing boundaries, and continuously reinventing themselves to stay relevant and thrive in the dynamic world of creativity." - Pao

"Being an artist is a constant struggle, as we face the challenges of pursuing our passion while dealing with societal pressures and financial uncertainties. However, our unwavering dedication and commitment to our craft fuel our creative journey and keep us moving forward." - Pao


Hi, I'm Pao aka IJWBAA. I'm a digital artist, painter, and a book author from the Philippines. If you enjoyed reading this you might like to read also:





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