Physical, Online, or Virtual Reality "VR"

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United as One

Type: VR Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: United as One

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Gallery: Artwork Gallery

Date of Exhibition: June 1-30, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: United as One

Media: digital art

Size: Varies

Description: "I present a rich and varied collection of figures, paying tribute to a wide range of cultural symbols. This composition serves as a dynamic and multifaceted celebration of culture and ethnicity, celebrating the vibrant diversity of our world." - Pao

Together for the Seas

Type: Art Advocacy

Title of Show: not another fish in the sea

Organization: The Starving Artist

Location: United Kingdom

Date Submitted: May 27, 2024

Date of Exhibition: coming soon

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Together for the Seas

Media: digital art (print)

Size: 1200 x 400 pixels

Description: This evocative artwork, depicting a family at the heart of the Earth's seas and oceans, underscores the profound connection between the fundamental unit of society and the vital responsibility we share in safeguarding marine life. The shifting hues and representational shapes of marine creatures highlight the delicate balance of our ecosystem. By showcasing the family's role in this interconnected web of sustainability, the image calls for activism and empowerment, urging each of us to take collective responsibility in protecting our oceans. Art like this inspires action, reminding us that preserving the marine environment is a shared duty essential for the well-being of our planet and future generations.


Type: Charity Show

Title of Show: Sophies Postcard 2024

Organization: St Richard’s Catholic College East Sussex, United Kingdom

For the Benefit of: Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Date Submitted: March 3, 2024

Date of Auction on eBay: June 19 & 30, 2024

Bid Here: 1st Edition and 2nd Edition

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Figures

Media: digital art (print)

Size: A6 (149mm x 105mm)

Print Edition: Two - 1/2, 2/2

Description: A compilation of digital artworks from IJWBAA has been printed in two editions to serve as pledges for a charity exhibition in the UK, dedicated to supporting cancer patients, a cause close to the artist's heart as his mother also succumbed to cancer.


Type: Physical and Online Exhibitions

Title of Show: Fraction

Gallery: Fox Yard Studio

Location: Suffolk, United Kingdom

Date Posted: April 27 - May 5, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Man and Wife

Media: digital art (animated)

Size: 1400 x 1400

Description: A representational figure of a man and his wife.

Lit Off

Type: Worldwide Movement

Title of Show: Earth Hour

Organization: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Location: Gland, Switzerland

Date Posted: March 23, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Lit Off

Media: digital art (animated)

Size: 924 x 1640

Description: Lit Off represents a female figure atop an earth resembling a bulb. This annual event encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to dedicate an hour to Earth. It is marked by landmarks and businesses switching off non-essential electric lights from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. every 23rd of March.


Type: VR Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: kizumeizukaka (IJWBAA)

Location: London, United Kingdom

Gallery: The Flux Review

Date of Exhibition: March 1-31, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Titles: The Connoisseur, City Engineer, DIVOC, Asean, A Lady in Red

Media: digital art

Size: Varies

Description: "KiZUMEi ZUKAKA a Japanese alphabet term for IJWBAA VR show presents the Flux Review showcasing five chosen artworks from IJWBAA, the artist who was featured in an interview published by the magazine." - Pao

Life Under Climate

Type: Physical Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Adelaide Festival 2024

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Organization: Create 4 Adelaide

Date Submitted: Aug 29, 2023

Date of Exhibition: March 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Life Under Climate

Media: digital art

Size: 1400 x 1400 pixels

Description: "Life itself is diminishing steadily due to the profound alterations brought about by climate change. As portrayed in this illustration, different aspects of life—a woman, a plant, and birds—are undergoing turmoil due to the impacts of climate change (represented by the fundamental linear elements of earth, wind, fire, and water). It's time for us to initiate action within ourselves through the simple methods we can employ to sustain our home (the earth) and life as a whole." - Pao


Type: VR Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Art x Technology

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom

Gallery: Meta Space Gallery

Date of Exhibition: Feb 1-29, 2024

Artist's Featured Piece

Title: Luningning

Media: Digital Art

Size: 1950 x 2850 pixels

Description: "This piece embodies a woman, elegantly ensconced within a linear white frame. Behind her, a tapestry of my recent creations forms the backdrop, a tribute resonating with the creativity of women in the arts. Despite the dominance of men in the art world, their steadfast dedication continues to embellish our world with beauty." - Pao

The Wall

Type: Virtual and Physical Exhibitions + Book Publication

Title of Exhibition: Print it! 2024 - The Show Without Boundaries

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Gallery: Aire Place Studios Gallery

Date of Virtual & Physical Exhibitions: Jan 5 to Feb 2, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: The Wall

Media: Digital Art

Size: 2000 x 3000 pixels

Description: "Why do relationships end? After a breakup, a lot of people ask themselves this question. While every circumstance is unique, there are numerous reasons why relationships don't last. Basically, it is because of the wall—boundaries. "The wall" that destroys love and relationships is comprised of non-acceptance, a lack of trust, and a lack of respect. Inadequate communication, different priorities, and a lack of intimacy are among the many other factors. For a romance to endure, you must be dedicated and willing to put in the effort." - Pao

A Postcard from Nobody

Type: Physical Exhibition

Location: Maine, United States

Organization: Waterfall Arts Org

Title of Exhibition: Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Mail Art

Date of Exhibition: October 20, 2023 – March 29, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: A Postcard from Nobody

Media: Digital Art Printed on a Postcard

Size: 3 x 4.5 inches

Description: "A Postcard from Nobody" is a captivating digital sticker art masterpiece by IJWBAA, transformed into a postcard format. This imaginative creation transports viewers to a whimsical realm filled with vibrant characters and abstract elements that burst to life. The vivid figures ignite the imagination, inviting recipients on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. It serves as a delightful keepsake, encouraging recipients to cherish and share this extraordinary visual feast, all while contemplating the enigmatic sender, a mystery waiting to unfold. - Pao

Homage to Icons

Type: VR Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Homage to Icons

Location: Oncyber IO

Presented by: The Arches Project Org UK and Oncyber IO

Date: Dec 1-31, 2023

Artist's Featured Pieces

Titles: Boy, Baby Doll, Specks of Dots, Three Little Girls, Man and Wife

Media: Digital Art

Size: 1800 x 1800 pixels

Description: "As published on 'Hidden Talents' Dec 2023 issue by The Arches Project Org UK magazine. This Dec 2023 VR show, homage to various cultural and iconic symbols like Toto, Barbie, Rainbow Man, Christ, and Indians." - Pao