Physical, Online, or Virtual Reality "VR"

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Type: Physical & VR Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Wild and Newfangled

Location: New York, USA

Presented by: Techspressionism in partners with Loop Art Critique/Mud Foundation

Exhibition Date: Oct 3, 2024 through Jan 26, 2025

Physical Exhibit: Techspressionism Salon on Oct 3, 2024

VR Exhibit: Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) loop room

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Engineer

Media: digital art

Size: 1800 x 3200 pixels

Description: A key theme in IJWBAA’s artwork is the figure of an engineer, blending technical details with abstract shapes. This highlights the mix of human creativity and technological progress. The engineer is often shown with waves of circuits and microchips, symbolizing the balance between innovation and the human touch. These pieces tell a story of resilience, ingenuity, and the evolving relationship between people and technology. By using this figure, IJWBAA captures the spirit of modern engineering, showing both its challenges and its potential to change the world.

Green Aliens

Type: Charity Show

Title of Exhibition: "Artwork for a Cause" to benefit Millhouse Foundation Org

Location: Texas, USA

Organizer: Postcard Art Exhibit

Date of Exhibition: Sept 21 - Oct 10, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Green Aliens

Media: digital art (print)

Size: 5x7 inches

Print Edition: One - 1/1

Description: "The Green Aliens serve as a metaphorical representation of the societal disconnect and estrangement individuals often feel in various aspects of their lives. Through their presence, the artwork delves into themes of identity crisis, societal roles, the suppression of creativity, and the existential questioning of life's purpose. By depicting these themes through the lens of extraterrestrial figures, the art prompts viewers to reflect on their own experiences of alienation and the broader implications within contemporary society." - Pao


Type: Physical Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Presented by: PICTOPLASMA x Balkans

Date of Exhibition: Sept 6-8, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Crotian

Media: digital art

Size: 1400 x 1400 pixels

Description: A depiction of a Croatian woman adorned in traditional attire.

Workers of New York

Type: VR Exhibition

Title of Exhibition: Workers of New York

Location: New York, USA

Presented by: Digital Arts Blog

Date of Exhibition: July 1-31, 2024

Artist's Entry Piece

Title: Workers of New York

Media: digital art

Size: 1400 x 1400 pixels

Description: "IJWBAA meticulously designs a curated selection of representative figures that serve as symbolic embodiments of New York City's vibrant and multifaceted workforce. This diverse ensemble includes individuals from various professions essential to the city's functioning, such as chefs, who infuse flavor into its culinary scene; nurses, who provide essential healthcare services; police officers, who ensure public safety; professors, who contribute to the city's academic landscape; doctors, who heal and care for its residents; tech professionals, who drive innovation; engineers, who build its infrastructure; soldiers, who protect its freedoms; businessmen, who boost the economy; and news reporters, who keep its citizens informed. Each figure captures the essence and importance of their respective roles within the dynamic fabric of New York City." - Pao