Exhibitions & Open Calls


Art in the Park

Date: March 19, 2023

Exhibition Piece: IJWBAA-C-2 aka "Lady in Red"

Art in the Park is an annual event organized by Philippines Art Events Inc. for the benefit of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, set in the relaxed and casual atmosphere of Jaime Velasquez Park in Makati, Philippines.



aka "la bellezza è pura e semplice"

Open Call - My entry piece for the Photo Vogue 2023 Festival in November 2023 - What is Beauty? by Condé Nast submitted on March 8, 2023.

"Beauty is pure and simple, as seen in this art piece of a woman "epitome of beauty" using simple shapes and colors. It resonates within our mind, body, and soul. It manifests love, joy, and peace. Because of its simplicity and pureness, it varies according to our age, culture, beliefs, status, shape, skin color, and sexuality. Pure beauty amplifies positivity and negates negativity." - Pao


Linked by Art

Submission Date: Jan 1-31, 2023

Exhibition Date: Feb 1-28, 2023

Exhibition Concept: Connecting between artists globally to show how art and Web3 can challenge traditional concepts while enhancing human connections and fellowships. Web3 brings together creators from different backgrounds and beliefs, sharing the passion to create and discuss art.

All entries were submitted on AntWoman tweet. Selected entries were exhibited on Spatial.

IJWBAA NFT Entry: IJWBAA-4-15 aka "The Rainbow Man"

"Art breaks boundaries unifying our diverse society! Like a rainbow surrounding our persona as seen on this art piece, art gives equal access to opportunities & resources for all varieties of people. Through these, we embrace hope, love, & friendship." - Pao


2023 Virtual Exhibition

Date: February 1, 2023

Featured NFT: IJWBAA-V-7, listed on VoiceCom

Note: A virtual art exhibition organized and curated by Edwin Warford, author of "The NFT Art Book." An open call was posted on Twitter. The exhibition was curated by Edwin, who then chose 350+ international artists. It will be displayed on Spatial on February 1, 2023.



aka: The Lovers

Date: February 14, 2023

Featured NFT: It is listed on Dropdread Collection via Opensea.

Note: "The Lovers" is my very first NFT created for the year 2023. It is exclusively created for Dropdread, a collab collection of many international NFT artists minted for sale on Opensea.