Year 2023 Summary: This year was a wild ride for my art! It got noticed big time—featured in magazines, showcased in exhibitions across the globe, published in books, and even made it into some top-notch databases. Teaming up with galleries in the UK and Asia promises an exciting road ahead. Sure, there were a few letdowns, like not winning some competitions, but hey, that's part of the game, right? I kept pushing, got featured in magazines, took on new traditional art methods, and even got my work into print. The ups and downs all added up to a crazy year of growth in my art journey, setting the stage for an even more exciting future in the art world! read more


"Traditional art aficionados sometimes see digital art as less legitimate, maybe because they think it lacks the tangible touch and originality found in mediums like painting or sculpture. Some folks think it's easier to copy or that it doesn't have that "handcrafted" feel. But things are shifting as digital art gains respect for its innovation, skill, and the amazing possibilities it brings. People are starting to see the creativity and unique qualities it offers in the digital realm."read more


In my art, I paint vivid and colorful figures that captivate the eye, yet beneath the surface lies a profound truth. My thoughts and feelings reveal a life colored by sorrow, marred by relentless struggles, and etched with the enduring ache of pain... read more


As artists, we must never give up, because even in the face of challenges and setbacks, there are valuable opportunities for growth and self-discovery. By staying persistent and holding onto our artistic vision, we can experience breakthroughs and fulfill our creative potential... read more


The universe's master plan is written in the stars, and I've found my constellation as ijwbaa... read more


In the realm of creativity, the age-old debate persists: should artists steadfastly adhere to their unique vision, or should they adapt to current trends? read more


Mastering the Art of Handling Rejections Like a Pro - Receiving a rejection can be a tough pill to swallow. Whether it's a job application, a creative project, or a personal endeavor, the disappointment can feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders... read more


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