Quotes from a Wannabe Artist

“Digital art: where algorithms dance with aesthetics, and pixels whisper the language of innovation." - Pao

"The universe's master plan is written in the stars, and I've found my constellation as ijwbaa." - Pao

"Rejection may be the spark that ignites the flames of hope, rising like a phoenix. Revising the art draft has kindled his appreciation, and patience is now the key until he's prepared." - Pao

"The canvas is my mirror, and I paint to reflect my growth, not to outshine others." - Pao

"Picasso's art inspires me to push the boundaries of my creativity and embrace the unconventional." - Pao

"I find solace in the knowledge that my art is not about being better than others, but about becoming the best version of myself." - Pao

“In my art, I paint vivid and colorful figures that captivate the eye, yet beneath the surface lies a profound truth. My thoughts and feelings reveal a life colored by sorrow, marred by relentless struggles, and etched with the enduring ache of pain.” - Pao

"Each stroke of my brush is a step towards self-improvement, not a race to beat someone else's talent." - Pao

"Picasso's genius serves as a guiding light, illuminating my artistic path with endless possibilities." - Pao

"Art is my personal language, and my only competition is to speak it more fluently than before." - Pao

"Though time may seem fleeting and the list of things to do overwhelming, remember that even the smallest steps forward can lead to great accomplishments. Embrace progress over perfection." - Pao

"I embrace my uniqueness as an artist, knowing that my journey is incomparable to anyone else's." - Pao

"Admiring Picasso is like witnessing the magic of art unfolding before my eyes." - Pao

"Comparison is the thief of joy in art; I choose to find joy in my own progress instead." - Pao

"Getting old is not something to fear, but a privilege denied to many. Embrace the journey of aging as an opportunity for growth, wisdom, and a life well-lived." - Pao

"In the pursuit of art, my greatest rival is the artist I envision becoming." - Pao

"As Picasso once said, 'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pao

"I'm not here to outdo others; I'm here to outdo my own limitations and create without bounds." - Pao

"In the depths of frustration, an artist finds the motivation to break free from creative stagnation, exploring uncharted territories and unlocking new dimensions of their artistic expression." - Pao

"Picasso's art is a symphony of colors, shapes, and emotions that resonates deeply within my soul." - Pao

"AI may generate impressive visuals, but it lacks the soul, the depth, and the profound connection to the human experience that defines true art." - Pao

"Picasso's work reminds me that art has the power to transcend time and touch the hearts of generations." - Pao

"Digital art is a vibrant fusion of technology and creativity, where pixels become brushstrokes and imagination knows no bounds." - Pao

"To me, Picasso is not just an idol; he is a testament to the transformative power of art." - Pao

"Art's longevity lies in its ability to connect people across cultures, eras, and boundaries, forging a collective understanding of our shared humanity through the beauty of creative expression." - Pao

"Picasso's artistry serves as a perpetual source of motivation, urging me to explore the depths of my creativity." - Pao

""My art is the language through which my soul speaks, revealing the colors, textures, and stories that reside within me, waiting to be shared with the world."" - Pao

"In Picasso's masterpieces, I find the courage to express my innermost thoughts and feelings." - Pao

""Don't let the feeling of your art being forgotten discourage you. Remember that true artists create for the sake of their passion and self-expression. Keep creating, keep evolving, and let the world catch up to your artistic brilliance in its own time."" - Pao

"Picasso's revolutionary spirit challenges me to break free from conventions and forge my own artistic path." - Pao

"Being a wannabe artist means you have the courage to dream, the curiosity to explore, and the willingness to learn. Embrace this phase as an opportunity to discover your artistic identity and unleash your creativity." - Pao

"Picasso's art is a kaleidoscope of emotions, mirroring the complexity and beauty of the human experience." - Pao

"Art is subjective, and not every open call will align with your artistic style or vision. Don't be discouraged by rejections; instead, focus on finding the right opportunities that resonate with your unique artistic voice." - Pao

"Art is not a race against others, but a journey of self-discovery." - Pao

"To visually convey your thoughts and feelings requires a lot of courage." - Pao

"In the world of art, my only competition is the artist I was yesterday." - Pao


Hi, I'm Pao aka IJWBAA. I'm a digital artist, painter, and a book author from the Philippines. If you enjoyed reading this you might like to read also:





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