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The Digital Artist Digest is a convenient summary that offers a straightforward glimpse into a digital artist's journey over the past 30 days. It presents a concise narrative, capturing the essence of IJWBAA creative endeavors in an easily digestible format. With brevity as its strength, The Digital Artist Digest provides a condensed overview, highlighting the key moments and achievements of IJWBAA's recent artistic exploration. It serves as a convenient resource for anyone seeking a quick and informative update on the digital artist's story.

Year 2023 Summary: In the past 12 months, my artistic journey has been filled with incredible opportunities. I've participated in various artistic events worldwide, experiencing a mix of emotions as some of my work was accepted while others were not. However, I remain determined and continue creating, even exploring the world of digital arts. Delivering my first commissioned painting to art collectors in the Philippines was a memorable moment, and their positive reaction fueled my passion. I also published my book featuring my artworks, which has been heartwarming as it sold copies and gained support from art collectors, including Dr. Gerard "Toto" Salgado. Additionally, showcasing my art in online international art shows has opened doors for more inquiries, commissions, and invitations, making this journey exhilarating and rewarding. | Aug 2022 to Aug 2023

Year 2022 Summary: In 2022, I enjoyed a vacation in Baguio City, immersed myself in art, and created digital artworks. I prioritized my well-being after facing health issues but returned to art, engaging with collectors and selling NFTs. Despite encountering scams, I persevered, built a strong online presence, and turned my artistic dreams into reality.

Year 2023

On September 19th, I encountered the sting of rejection from Dr. Toto Salgado, an art collector in the Philippines, and what had initially been a promising vision for my artwork turned into a haunting nightmare. The excitement I had once experienced, akin to the flicker of a bright screen in a dark room, had now faded into a chilling uncertainty. However, a few days later, I received an invitation to showcase my work in an international art magazine in the United Kingdom this December 2023. Interestingly, among the five images chosen by the magazine publisher and art curators, one was of Toto. Consequently, I reached out to Dr. Salgado to inquire whether he would like his nickname, "Toto," along with a brief description as "a prominent art collector in the Philippines," to be included in the magazine. Fortunately, Dr. Toto graciously responded with, "Please proceed. It's an honor. Thank you." | Sept 2023

This August brought forth numerous opportunities for me. My dream of being featured in an international magazine came true with my inclusion in Tokyo's 365 Art Plus Magazine, where the cover featured a vibrant red Pagani sports car—a personal favorite of mine. I was also interviewed by Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art, a prestigious international art magazine in Barcelona, Spain, and my interview is now permanently featured on their website. Additionally, I participated in The Louvre Museum and Uniqlo collaborative design competition, as well as another international competition with Poster Heroes Org. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping my artworks will be selected as finalists or even win a prize. On the marketing front, I've designed stickers featuring my published artworks for collectors to enjoy. Moreover, I've been diligently creating and submitting new artworks for international open calls, hoping for their acceptance into upcoming exhibitions. | Aug 2023

Over the course of several months, my artistic journey has been propelled by art commissions and digital prints. This inspired me to invest in an iPad 10th generation, enabling me to further enhance my digital artistry using various innovative applications like ProCreate and Adobe Fresco. Before the month came to a close, I eagerly submitted my entry to the ASEAN digital art competition organized by the NCCA Philippines. Galeria Paloma invited me to join their very first digital art competition. So, I submitted two digital artworks for solo (static & video) as entry for the competition. I am grateful that my stomach illness has been successfully cured through adopting a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a proper diet, and engaging in regular exercise. | July 2023

I actively participated in various artistic opportunities worldwide, including open calls, shows, exhibits, competitions, and magazines. While some accepted my work, others did not. Additionally, I created digital artworks that have yet to be published. Excitingly, I recently delivered my first commissioned painting to art collectors in BGC Philippines through Lalamove. As a token of appreciation, I gave them complimentary items—a Pamilya art print and a copy of my first book. Alongside these achievements, I continued selling copies of my book and dedicated time to plan and brainstorm ideas for upcoming art exhibits. | June 2023

I created a book showcasing all of my artworks from the time I started until the end of 2022. It was published by PhotoBookPH, and I was delighted to witness some copies being sold. As a new artist, I received incredible support from art collectors in the Philippines, and it was a truly gratifying experience when Dr. Gerard "Toto" Salgado, a prominent art collector, purchased a copy of my book. This moment filled me with inspiration and encouraged me to continue my artistic journey. | May 2023

I had a special birthday celebration with my brother, whom I hadn't seen since the pandemic began. The art galleries suggested recreating my digital art as acrylic paintings, and I received numerous email notifications regarding inquiries, commissions, upcoming art shows, and exhibitions. I was also overjoyed to receive my very first commission for an acrylic painting on canvas from a renowned art collector in the Philippines. | April 2023

I was thrilled by the captivating art fairs and exhibitions in the Philippines, where I received inquiries about my art. Additionally, I received email notifications for upcoming shows and exhibitions, and had the opportunity to participate in online international art shows organized by galleries in the United Kingdom. | March 2023

Through my inquiries, art galleries started to notice my art, and I began receiving notifications about art shows and exhibitions. I also secured digital art print commissions, made NFT sales, and received numerous inquiries and commissions for my artwork. | Feb 2023

This year, I started my artistic journey with a plan. I reached out to art galleries, applied to join exhibitions, art fairs, and biennales, and inquired about artist representation from different galleries. | Jan 2023

Year 2022

During the Christmas season, I took a well-deserved vacation and traveled to Baguio City, relishing the scenic beauty and immersing myself in its artistic atmosphere. After enjoying the beach and joyous celebrations with loved ones on New Year's, I delved back into creating more digital artworks, while also fulfilling commissions that further fueled my artistic journey. | Dec 2022

After experiencing health issues, I took a necessary break to prioritize my well-being, allowing myself time to rest and recover. Once I regained my strength, I eagerly returned to creating art, while also dedicating time to research and explore alternative avenues to engage with art collectors and buyers, seeking meaningful connections and opportunities to showcase my work. | Nov 2022

With a growing recognition of my artistic talent, I experienced the joy of selling my NFTs and receiving commissioned projects, which fueled my determination to persist and continue creating. Seeking further growth and connection, I actively engaged with social and artist groups online, immersing myself in a supportive community that nurtured my creativity and encouraged me to reach new artistic heights. | Oct 2022

Driven by my passion, I continued creating an array of captivating NFTs, pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression. However, I also faced the bitter sting of being scammed by unscrupulous marketers online, which served as a valuable lesson in navigating the digital landscape. Undeterred, I persevered and accomplished the milestones of completing my website and establishing a strong presence across various social media platforms, solidifying my dedication to sharing my art with the world. | Sept 2022

The day I rediscovered my passion for the arts was a transformative moment, igniting a flame within me to embark on a creative journey. From creating breathtaking digital artworks to delving into the world of NFTs, building a strong social media presence, and designing a captivating website, each step solidified my commitment to turning my artistic dreams into a tangible reality. | Aug 2022


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