Thoughts of a Wannabe Artist

“Technology has changed our lives, making us reliant on social media and digital books. Sadly, I've forgotten the joy of visiting libraries and discovering new books, a lesson learned from the national library.” - Pao

“Being an artist is more than just creating art for the sake of selling it or fitting into what galleries want. It's about making art that means something to you and connects with others on a deeper level. Your art should reflect your unique perspective and style, rather than trying to follow the latest trends or chase after commercial success. Stay true to yourself and your vision, and you'll create work that leaves a lasting impression and resonates with people long after they've experienced it.” - Pao

"Traditional art aficionados sometimes see digital art as less legitimate, maybe because they think it lacks the tangible touch and originality found in mediums like painting or sculpture. Some folks think it's easier to copy or that it doesn't have that "handcrafted" feel. But things are shifting as digital art gains respect for its innovation, skill, and the amazing possibilities it brings. People are starting to see the creativity and unique qualities it offers in the digital realm." - Pao

"Is It Really Flat? Delving into Texture's Absence. - The concept of texture has long been a staple in the world of art, known by masters, apprentices, and enthusiasts alike. Texture permeates everything we see, touch, or feel, serving as a fundamental criterion sought after by artists, galleries, and collectors in artworks. When I rekindled my passion and embarked on my artistic journey, I pondered whether to incorporate texture into my creations. Ultimately, I chose to defy convention, aiming to carve a distinct visual and meaningful presence. This is why my work remains resolutely flat." - Pao

How I'd like to be remembered after I'm gone? "I hope to be remembered as a digital artist who pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology, using my work to inspire and provoke thought. Through my art, I aimed to capture emotions, tell stories, and offer unique perspectives on the world around us. More than just my artistic output, I aspire to be remembered for the connections I forged with fellow artists and enthusiasts. Collaborations, discussions, and the sharing of knowledge were integral to my growth, and I hope those interactions continue to foster growth and creativity in others. Ultimately, I wish to be remembered for contributing to the evolution of digital art as a legitimate and respected form of expression. If my work could touch people's lives, evoke emotions, and encourage them to see the world from different angles, then I would consider my legacy as a digital artist to be truly meaningful." - Pao/ijwbaa

"As a wannabe artist, I'm constantly torn between the exhilarating thrill of creative expression and the nagging fear of never being good enough to make my mark in the world of art. Yet, deep down, I know that my passion and persistence will guide me towards fulfilling my artistic dreams, no matter the doubts that may try to hold me back." - Pao

"I often feel overwhelmed by the lack of time and the multitude of tasks to accomplish. The fear of getting older and my art being forgotten adds to my concerns and anxieties." - Pao

"Artists are no longer confined by the walls of galleries; in the digital era, they have the power to showcase their work directly to the world, transcending boundaries and embracing global connections." - Pao

"Both writers and artists have this incredible talent for expressing their inner worlds and captivating audiences through their words or visual creations. Their storytelling abilities leave a lasting impact, inviting people to connect with their work on a deep and personal level." - Pao

"I find it fascinating how both the act of clicking a mouse or pressing the keys on a laptop to create art can be enjoyable, but there's something truly captivating about the traditional method of using brushes and paint on a canvas. The tactile experience of painting holds its charm and allure, even in the age of digital convenience." - Pao

"For artists, longevity is a reflection of our ability to adapt, evolve, and stay relevant in the ever-changing creative world. It demands unwavering passion, ongoing learning, and the resilience to overcome obstacles, ultimately leaving a lasting impact on both ourselves and our audience." - Pao

"Artists are catalysts for change, challenging the status quo through creative expressions that ignite social movements and reshape society's narrative. They evoke emotions, inspire critical thinking, and bridge gaps, fostering connections and leaving an enduring impact on humanity's collective consciousness." - Pao

The Plight of a Digital Artist

Within the pixels, my dreams take flight,

But often falter, losing their light.

Once bold visions, now constrained,

By forces unseen, my art detained.

Denied the chance to showcase my craft,

Local art scenes shut me off, a cruel draft.

My creations linger, unseen and untold,

As galleries overlook, my story left cold.

Yet I persist, with spirit ablaze,

Seeking to carve out my own maze.

To witness my work in its truest form,

Not just a piece in a digital storm.

Value art in its digital guise,

Let not greed cloud our eyes.

For within each pixel, a soul yearns,

In the quiet plea of a digital art that burns.

- IJWBAA, 03/24/2024

IJWBAA described the challenges he faced as he creates art using digital tools. The poem talks about how his work sometimes goes unnoticed because it's not shown in traditional art galleries. Despite these obstacles, the artist keeps going, hoping to be appreciated for his unique creations. It asks people to recognize the value of digital art and not overlook it just because it's not made with traditional materials.


Hi, I'm Pao aka IJWBAA. I'm a digital artist, painter, and a book author from the Philippines. If you enjoyed reading this you might like to read also:





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