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Calling all art galleries, museums, and art groups! Share your open calls for FREE publication on this page by emailing with the required information: Title of your call for entries, a brief description of your call, call deadline date, show start date, url link to your call for entry page, location of your event, call type (Art Festival, Art Fairs, Museum, Gallery, Art Center, Art Club), and lastly name of your organization. We look forward to spreading the word about your exciting opportunities. FYI, we only post "no entry fee" open calls.

Adelaide Festival 2024

Deadline: Aug-Sept 2023 | Location: Adelaide, Australia | Entry Fee: No | Type: Physical Exhibition | Organization: Create 4 Adelaide

- Launched in 2023, Create4Adelaide is a large-scale, year-long project that encourages young people to develop their creative skills and engage with local climate change priorities. This is an opportunity for young people to be part of something big; to express themselves artistically, to think outside of the box and to engage with important issues around climate change in a local setting. find out more...

Reclamation: Celebrating Contemporary Expressions of the Female Form

Deadline: Nov 1, 2023 | Location: California, USA | Entry Fee: No | Type: Physical Exhibition | Organization: Pamela Walsh Gallery

- We're thrilled to unveil an Open Call for an upcoming group exhibition centered around the dynamic and diverse artistic expressions of female and non-binary creators investigating the concept of the female form in modern art. Titled "Reclamation," this exhibit sets out to revolutionize conventional perceptions of the female body through an array of mediums, spanning painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital art, and mixed media. In the contemporary art arena, the female body has served as a subject of exploration, interpretation, and sometimes objectification. However, this showcase transcends surface representation, elevating the voices of artists who navigate the intricate landscapes of gender identity, empowerment, and societal norms surrounding the female form. Our goal is to present pieces that challenge stereotypes, foster inclusivity, and commemorate the manifold experiences and viewpoints within this domain. find out more...

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Deadline: Oct 15, 2023 | Location: Maine, United States | Entry Fee: No | Type: Mail Art Show, Postcard | Organization: Waterfall Arts Org

- Waterfall Arts invites global creatives to join "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," an open call for mail art. Express yourself through various mediums, sending art via the postal service to be exhibited in our Corridor Gallery during the fall and winter of 2023-24. All ages and creative abilities are celebrated, fostering a vibrant global community showcase. Opening reception on October 20, 2023. find out more...

Fight for Kindness 2023

Deadline: Aug 31, 2023 | Location: Firenze, Italy | Entry Fee: No | Type: Online Exhibition & Publication | Organization: Type Campus

- In an increasingly self-oriented society, exacerbated by the experiences of pandemic isolation, kindness has collapsed, risking becoming a legacy of times gone by. Peace and mutual trust are becoming more important than ever, and any action that can work in this direction is our human responsibility. Each year, in November, people across the globe celebrate World Kindness Day, which promotes the importance of being kind to each other and to the world. This project is a unique opportunity to build awareness around this annual appointment, by unifying design communities and celebrating Kindness in a more inspiring way. Selected entries will get a chance to be featured in our online gallery, social media channels and more; be a part of digital and physical expositions, in the most influential international design schools. find out more...

Secret Postcard Show 2023

Deadline: July 29, 2023 | Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom | Entry Fee: No | Type: Charity art show for the benefit of the gallery and chosen charity | Organization: The Old Lock Up Gallery

- Get ready for the Secret Postcard Show 2023 at The Old Lock Up Gallery! This year marks its 7th edition, and it's been a huge success. What makes this exhibition special is its inclusivity, as all artists' postcards are displayed without any selection process, breaking down barriers in the art world. It's a fantastic opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a contemporary gallery and create lasting connections. For art collectors, it's a chance to purchase affordable and accessible pieces, while also supporting the gallery's future. Moreover, the show gives back to the community by donating a portion of its profits to a charity related to Dementia care. The impact of this event has been incredible, keeping the gallery thriving throughout the year and transforming the way we view art. Don't miss out on this inspiring and meaningful event! find out more...

The Artist as an Environmentalist

Deadline: Ongoing | Location: Berlin, German | Entry Fee: No | Type: Art Collection for Climate Change Awareness | Organization: Climate Art Collection "CAC"

- The Berlin-based association, the Climate Art Collection, curates and publishes climate and nature-related artworks to raise awareness about climate change worldwide and preserve the planet's beauty, respecting artists' ownership and rights. Through art, we aim to express and visualize the realities of climate change, welcoming artists of all kinds to contribute their works via our digital submission channel for external projects and campaigns... find out more...


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