How to View your NFTs on MetaMask

Currently, only Metamask Mobile allows you to view your NFTs. You can add NFTs as custom tokens via the web extension, but you won't be able to view them in the UI. Here, we will discuss how to view NFTs in the mobile app, as well as how to locate them in the Portfolio tool in the web view.

How to View Your NFTs in the Desktop View of MetaMask

Viewing your NFTs with the MetaMask browser plugin is faster and more convenient, but less secure. Sign in to your MetaMask account first. Click the MetaMask icon in your browser's toolbar, enter your password, and click the Unlock button if you haven't done so recently.

Then, you should see a listing of the tokens in your MetaMask account, options to purchase, sell, or swap tokens, as well as options to view assets or activities. The following menu item is titled Portfolio site. Select this button. This link will take you to a website that resembles a desktop crypto wallet rather than a browser add-on. It displays information such as your wallet's net assets and, yep, your precious NFTs. Simply switch the Tokens button on the right to the NFTs button. However, there is a catch. You may observe that some of the NFTs in your portfolio have an unfamiliar appearance. According to an email from the MetaMask support staff, spam NFTs occasionally appear in the portfolio view. Support for MetaMask suggests hiding these unfamiliar NFTs and avoiding any linkages related to them.

How to View NFTs with the MetaMask Mobile Application

Using the MetaMask mobile app to view your NFTs is more difficult, but more trustworthy. No unusual NFTs are present. The MetaMask application lacks a Portfolio site, however. There are two distinct ways to view your NFTs within the application.

In either scenario, the initial step is to log in to the MetaMask mobile application. The home screen should resemble the browser version's initial login screen. Under the choices to receive, purchase, send, and trade tokens, the TOKENS and NFTs views can be toggled. The first time you perform this action, you will likely not observe any NFTs. At the bottom of the display, select Import NFTs.

The OpenSea and Third-Party APIs of MetaMask

This page's leading option is a checkbox labeled NFT detection. After a brief explanation is a link that reads Enable NFT detection in Settings. This link leads to a settings page where you can instruct MetaMask to automatically detect NFTs linked with your account and to connect with OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace.

Both of these methods appear quick and simple, but there is a catch. According to MetaMask, these options could reveal your account details and IP address. If you believe it is worthwhile, that is your decision, but there is another option.

Importing NFTs Manually

Back on the initial Import NFT screen, there are Address and ID fields underneath the blue box. This allows you to enter information about your NFTs manually. This information can be accessed by clicking on the NFT in the portfolio site of the MetaMask browser view or by selecting the NFT on the platform you received it on and clicking Details. Typing in the address for each NFT individually is tedious, especially if you like to display a large number of NFTs. When you only need to import one NFT anyway, this method is useful for utilizing your NFTs in other programs, such as using one as your Twitter profile picture.

Make the Choices That Are Best for You

Depending on your goals and preferences while working with NFTs and MetaMask, you may choose to use one of several approaches. Or perhaps you enjoy the knowledge that you can use MetaMask to observe NFTs. In the realm of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, the most secure choice isn't often the most convenient one.


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