Commissioned Artworks

I'm open for commission using my style and design like this commissioned pieces - NFT, digital art, print, traditional art (oil, acrylic, watercolor, sketch, sculpture, mixed media). For inquiries, please drop an email via or message me through my social media accounts.

Type: Painting

Name: IJWBAA-C-5 aka "The Builders"

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 48x36 inches, 2-inch thick

Painting Completed: March 31, 2023

Clients Received the Painting: ???

Description: A commissioned painting by art collectors (mr & mrs) in the Philippines.

Note: At the side of the artwork is the artist's signature. On the reverse of the painting, the artist's 5 stamps (logo + details).


Type: NFT

Name: iJWBAA-4-24

NFT Collector Requests: The collector of IJWBAA-2-15 NFT requested to animate this. So, I groove it and move it. From static PNG, now IJWBAA-4-24 animated GIF.

Type: Digital Print

Name: Wong Family

Private Collector Requests: When the collector saw IJWBAA-3-36 NFT, he requested a digital print with freebies (white matt board, black frame, and Certificate of Authenticity "COA") to be delivered to his home in Malaysia via express courier.

Wong Family

Type: Digital Print

Name: The Programmer (commissioned)

GY The Chin

Type: Digital Print

Name: Lim Family (commissioned)

Lim Family

Type: NFTs

Name: iJWBAA-3-22, iJWBAA-3-23, iJWBAA-4-29, iJWBAA-4-30, iJWBAA-4-31

NFT Collector Requests: The collector requested women's NFTs. Actually, iJWBAA women's NFTs is a future project, but the collector insisted. References were IJWBAA-4-10, IJWBAA-4-11, and IJWBAA-4-15. So, I created 3 animated GIFs and 2 static PNGs.

IJWBAA Collection 3-22IJWBAA-3-22
IJWBAA Collection 3-23IJWBAA-3-23
IJWBAA Collection 4-29IJWBAA-4-29
IJWBAA Collection 4-30IJWBAA-4-30
IJWBAA Collection 4-31IJWBAA-4-31